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The famous cartoonist sat down with Mark Ivey to outline how he developed, launched and managed one of the most successful newspaper comics in history. The profile, for Silicon Valley Biz Ink, illustrated how Dilbert’s founder transformed everyday corporate stories into a funny, but powerful syndicated series that would transcend business readers, creating a new breed of comic.
Scott Adams Article

Breaking out of cubicle life

When the corporate world became too much, this engineer-turned-cartoonist launched a rebellion
Silicon Valley Biz Ink
By Mark Ivey

It's been 25 years, but Scott Adams still remembers his first real encounter with The Corporate Management. He was only 22, trying to make it as a young bank teller at Crocker National Bank in San Francisco when he was called into the senior vice president's office. Looking up at the 6-foot, 9-inch executive, Adams didn't know what to expect. Then the manager spoke.

"Your shoes," he said, pointing to Adams well-worn shoes, "They're pretty scruffy, and honestly, embarrassing. Do something ..."

Adams scampered back to his cubicle, humiliated. How would he ever become a big shot banker if his shoes didn't measure up?

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