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7 Tips for Job Hunters:

Trying to determine whether a company is serious about diversity was once a guessing game, but job hunters are smarter and new tools are available. We interviewed a dozen or so players in the diversity field and developed a strong starting list of questions to help job hunters rank companies on the key issues.

That was then. Today, there’s no excuse for not knowing the exact diversity track record of that potential employer. But doing your research and asking the right questions is imperative.

Here is a good starting list of questions to help you determine if a company is good for diversity.

Have you done your homework?

Research the company’s track record. The first place to start is DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity® list, now in its seventh year; last year, 256 companies participated and so far this year, more than 500 companies have expressed interest in participating. The publication also has nine other “top company” specialty lists covering subjects ranging from “supplier diversity” to “African Americans” and “people with disabilities.”

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