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January Best of the Web (social media)

January 28th, 2009

Every day I marvel at the tidal wave of postings, news, comments and observations about social media. Out of this stream I handpicked a few samples of blogs this month I thought were particularly good, either because they provided useful tips, insights, or understanding—or I just liked them for other reasons. So this is far from a scientific sampling but a great array of postings by any measure.  I also threw in some misc favorite articles and blogs, such as one looking at Apple in a post-Jobs world.

My next piece will focus on my favorite postings about Twitter, a platform that is exploding in popularity. 

Social Media

  • Obama’s social media toolkit and strategy (Edelman)
  • Why companies should embrace social media, the good, the bad and the ugly (w/ an example of the ugly)
  • “PR 2.0: Social Networks Grow Up: More Adults Connecting Online” Strong growth numbers as adult pop moves online
  • Mashable’s top social media posts of the week: good slate of stories from one of social media’s top websites and industry watchers
  • “49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats” Stunning growth numbers (13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every min).
  • Paul Gillin’s Best of 08 Social media is a good read: Best new app: Tweetdeck;Best new face(surprise) Chris Brogan:
  • “Coming to search results near you: corporate blogs worth reading |
  • Best Internet marketing posts of 2008-an extensive list covering SEO, social media strategy, Facebook, Twitter and much more. This one will take awhile but it’s worth exploring.
  • The Future for Social Networks (Charlene Li slideshare) Solid predictions about where social media is going by the co-author of Groundswell.

How To

  • Good piece:How to use links and linking effectively

  • Good video primer: HOW TO: Create Online Video That Works
  • Louis Gray does this so well, providing a one-stop shop for blogging, Twitter & more: 40 key elements for getting started in social media
  • Robert Scoble’s tips on using/maximizing Friendfeed, a powerful and robust (if sometimes complicated) platform (Ok, I cheated–this ran in late Dec but it’s too good to miss)

Tools, Apps


  • Story on Cisco’s collaborative management approach and why it works.
  • Best small business books of 08–pretty good list (Small Biz Trend)
    “Planet Google: Great tools for Google maps. How to find food, entertainment, solar maps, weather and more:
    “I’m always amazed when decent sized co’s want to create a logo for dirt cheap. Here’s tips on how not to design a logo
  • Book lover’s heaven: 50 sites for book lovers
  • “How Apple Could Survive Without Steve Jobs -”
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