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My Top 10 Favorites Social Media Posts for February–plus Twitter

March 6th, 2009

twitter-bird1) The Yelp “extortion” debacle (also note the responses: “Yelp Extortion: True or False?”  and “PR 2.0: Yelp Gets a Bad Review: Embracing a Crisis to Shape Perception”)

2) Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers

3) “25 Most Shocking Crimes in Social Media History | Masters in Criminal Justice” 

4) Demystifying social media for companies–some good tips, steps

5) NY Times, Wash Post lead top 10 newspaper sites

6) The Power of Comments

7) 6 Ways to make web 2.0 work (McKinsey Report)

8: Will traditional PR&ad agencies “soak up” social media, as it becomes commonplace? No-and here’s why

9)The Top 7 Flaws of Business Blogs

10) 5 tips for getting traffic to new blog with no budget, good tips.

And, as bonus, some of my favorite Twitter posts:

Twitter for Business: slideshare from Pistachio webcast.

Finding the Tweet Spot: Top Tips for Building Twitter Relationships. Share your tips here…

Monitoring a college laundromat, finding missing children and more-10 examples of creative twitter uses

MUST READ: tons of resources: “How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter — The Ultimate Twitter Resource

The Power of Twitter as a Research and Listening tool, including 5 top tools  (my blog).

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