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The Seven Habits of the “Just Good Enough” Social Marketer

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

diamond1I’ve always been a perfectionist, and it worked out ok when I was getting through the early part of my career as a journalist. Sources were carefully grilled. Everything had to be fact checked twice. Sentences had to be carefully crafted, and words chosen carefully. My first editor at BusinessWeek told me, “Magazine real estate is precious. Use it wisely.”

Now we live in a new world that is no longer shaped by printing presses and information scarcity. Yet everyday I see companies that make these mistakes: they want to launch the perfect social media program, write the world’s best blog, create the polished video, and so on.

They are suffering from the curse of the corporate perfectionist.

They find out the hard way that this is not what social media and blogging is about. It’s more about conveying compelling ideas and connecting with audiences in authentic ways, not just writing beautiful prose or top-down marketing approaches. (more…)

Is Social Media Content Killing Your Business? (here’s how to fix it)

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

typewriter1You’ve heard it before: everyone is a publisher-including companies. We’re all media, competing with the WSJ and the big name bloggers for eyeballs. Content is a core part of any corporate social media strategy. Yet years into the new revolution, enterprise companies are coming up short.

Think about it: is your company’s social media content engaging? Relevant? Compelling? Do your blogs draw comments or stimulate industry-wide conversations?

The answer is probably no. Weak content is killing us, and oddly, we don’t seem to get it.

(I’m talking about B2B social media content but it could apply to most of the business world) .

The answer may be right in front of our faces: bring in the editors (you could start with all those laid off journalists). Consider a publishing model to drive your social media efforts.


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Thursday, December 4th, 2008

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