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Avoiding Digital Train Wrecks: Managing Your Online Image, Separating Personal and Business Worlds (Part I: Content)

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

train-wreckSeveral people at last week’s Cisco Partner Velocity 09 conference in Miami (the Web 2.0 skills training sessions) asked us how they could separate their online personal and professional activities. They worry that the two worlds would overlap as they moved deeper into social media, with embarrassing results.

Others worry they’ll just say something that will backfire;
either way it hurts their reputations.
This is a growing issue, thanks to the way social media is evolving. Facebook is a crazy quilt of personal and business
interests and activities, which all flow through the personal news-streams. And on Twitter, rapid fire observations and comments may seem honest—that’s the idea, right?—but come back to haunt you (see Ketchum example below). It’s the dark side of the transparent web.

The good news is there are actions you can take to manage your online identity, while keeping your  business and personal presences separate (for the most part). This post will look at what you post, your content. (more…)