Corporate Messages
(sample client)

Key Objectives:

Establish image among the financial community as a leader in the fiber optical industry:
• With services and products beyond the traditional components
• As a full fledged optical partner with broad expertise
• As reliable, stable and here for the long term

Key Assertions:

• Financially sound
• Photonic foundry with design capability
• Low cost advantage structure
• Custom solution provider and trusted partner

Three Core Strategies

1. Provide low-cost, high quality products for customers
2. Become full, trusted partner by offering custom, integrated solutions
3. Help drive down the cost of the components and overall telecommunications costs worldwide.

Core Message

We design, manufacture and supply fiber optic products and services that serve as critical building blocks for the telecommunications industry. Starting out as a pure component supplier in 1995, we've expanded to now provide integrated optical subsystems, design services and custom solutions for telecommunications equipment makers.

Today, we’re emerging as an optical partner with the management depth, resources and expertise of a larger company and the flexibility and agility of a smaller firm. Our "photonic foundry" gives us a cost advantage by allowing us to do full design and manufacturing overseas, enabling us to supply low cost, cutting edge products. This makes it easier for our customers to innovate, compete and continue to drive down the cost of network communications worldwide.

We’re reliable, stable and here for the long haul, with ample cash reserves and a healthy balance sheet. We have a clear vision, a strong management team, and the ability to execute in an ever-changing industry.