Consulting/Training: Social Media Program
All of our consulting work, workshops and presentations are customized to fit the customer's needs and audience expertise levels. We spend an enormous amount of time on the front end with research and analysis to get it right.

· 45 to 60 minute keynote
· 30 min to 90 min. panel discussions
· Half-day training
· 1 to 2 day Social Media Immersion
· 60 to 90 min individual workshop modules (minimum 6 hrs)

   · The 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Social Media Startup Program
   · If Content is King, Why Can't I Connect with my Audience? Maximizing Social Media Content
   · How to Engage and Influence through Social Media

Strategic workshops and consulting (3 hrs to full day):

   · Getting Started on Social Media: How to develop and execute a social media plan that drives real business results. Includes: Developing a communications plan, getting key stakeholders on board, and recruiting (and driving) internal subject matter experts. This is a highly interactive session that can be used as a team building, brainstorming session or to fine-tune or reshape new programs.

   · Creating a Content Engine: Developing a publishing oriented "Content Engine" to drive your social media activities-starting with the planning process, and framework (assessing resources, goals, etc). Discussions include how to establish schedules, calendars, and deadlines. Also: Strategies for developing compelling content, connecting with audiences, and building industry influence.

Social Media Platform Workshops:

   · Launching, managing and growing a blog: Tips and short cuts to help you launch your first blog, manage it efficiently and grow it into an industry powerhouse that can drive web traffic, boost sales and build your brand.

   · Training for social media platforms: Best practices, strategies, techniques for launching on a platform, growing a following, engaging and influencing online audiences-and drive business results: Twitter for Business; Facebook for Business and Linkedin for Business

   · Writing for Social Media: How to blog, tweet and write for the web in a way that engages, connects, and influences.

   · Creating a Content Engine: Strategies and step-by-step outline on creating a publishing or "Content Engine" that will drive high quality, consistent content.

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