Financial Presentaton
Financial Presentaton

The Age of Global Markets and the Global Investor

Keynote for Ken Griffin, CEO Citadel Investment Group
25th International SFOA Bürgenstock Conference
The International Forum for Derivative Markets

Thank you HOST NAME, and thank you for having me here at what has become a very distinguished gathering recognized around the world. I’m honored to be a part of it. This is a wonderful conference in a beautiful place – a perfect setting for us to sit back and think about the future of our industry and the future of the world’s capital markets.

Every few decades a new technology comes along that reshapes entire industries, and even changes society. We’ve seen it going back to the advent of the telegraph, electricity, the automobile, and more recently, the computer and the Internet. All ushered in new, efficient ways of doing things, upsetting the status quo, creating new opportunities, and changing the way we work and live.

We’re looking at equally compelling forces reshaping our industry. Indeed, we have watched technology reshape our markets for well over a decade. Today we are moving towards a watershed moment in the transformation of capital markets.

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